You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

15th July 2020


  1. Planted Kale in a plastic pot, I’m not sure if it will leach or not.

  2. I love the stacking pots, but I feel I need more and some herb boxes, and coconut coir.

  3. The hydroponic farms arrived, I’d love to rear some fish.

  4. I pricked out my lettuce seedlings, and realised I have about 30 of them. Where on earth will I put them. I watered and covered the vegetable patch. It seems to be settling nicely.

  5. Need to figure out where the heck I’m going to put all the lettuce. I have finished pricking them out of the flower bed in the greenhouse. How many lettuce plants can I plant?

  6. Separated more lettuce seedlings. Let’s see which ones survive.

  7. I will seed lettuce in the future with much caution next time.

  8. Ordered rectangle grow bags, and a square cloche for grow bags and compost.

  9. Transplanted parsley seedling into hydroponic pot on windowsill. Isolated the rest.

  10. Need a cold frame specifically for seedlings.

  1. The shelves in the greenhouse collapsed and broke the potato plant leaves. I hope it recovers.

  2. It’s extremely windy today.

  3. I may have lost some seedlings.

  4. I have put everything onto the floor so it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Definitely need cloche fleeces for outdoor planting in bags.

  6. The parsley was damaged after the fall, so I harvested it and froze it. It tasted so full of flavour. It could have kept going as it had large roots.

  7. Must plant some fresh parsley.


I never thought I could make green things grow in my urban garden. If I can do it, anyone can. It all starts with a tiny seed, so go ahead and plant some shit! REV. YEMAJA, AKA THE ZEN FARMER @ THE GARDEN OF ETHER

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