You Can Create Anything


It may be time to step out of the rat race. Your renovation or gardening project feels like your “Sanctuary”. Stop and take a deep breath right now. Think about the value of this project as you manifest your vision. Find your special place. A place where you can escape, find comfort, and solace. A place that will regenerate your body, mind, and spirit. Create a sacred space that gives you the silence you need to heal yourself. This location could be outside or within your heart.


You are on the right path. You are reaching your own internal ascension! Spiritual forces emanate from colour, above, and below the earth, in endless streams of energy. Apparently, the Universal pressure of the Spiritual Plane has seven streams of force emanating from it known as the Seven Rays. Each ray is said to have a different colour. Colour is a powerful part of everyday life, it affects our spiritual lives. No colour is made in isolation.


Rise from the ashes of the Phoenix. It’s time for a miraculous comeback. This is your personal renaissance, a recovery from heartbreak, illness, or financial struggle. You surprise them all, as you understand the meaning of rebirth: you will never be defeated again. If you observe and become aware you will see how many dimensions of the human brain there are. If your consciousness is aware of its own existence, you can create anything!

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