7th June 2020

Updated: May 29, 2021

2.30 PM


  1. Prepared a raised bed in the sunniest part of the garden with compost, and coconut coir.

  2. Waiting for more compost to fill it out.

  3. Was great having my family help me.

  4. Trimmed the first bush and planted two cuttings next to it.

  5. Trimmed back the Japanese knot weed as it’s creeping back.

  6. I’m all excited as I have put the 3rd bag of compost into the vegetable patch now.

  7. More compost please!

  8. Planted rocket, and basil in a wooden herb box.

  9. First potatoes are looking amazing. 

  10. Everything is growing beautifully thus far. 

  11. I separated the parsley, as it was tangled like hair. 

  12. I am eagerly awaiting new seeds.

  13. I left the seedlings in the greenhouse today, but continually watered them with the door open.

  14. It’s an awful lot of work hauling the grow bags out of the greenhouse every day, and I worry about disturbing the roots too much.

  15. There are many ants in the garden, and slugs are a threat. Must get some repellent.


Need to order some hessian bags for storing potatoes, and a proper seed box for the fridge.

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