17th May 2020

1 PM


  1. Planted beetroot and radishes in the lettuce raised bed in the greenhouse.

  2. Prepared raised bed under the living room window for spinach.

  3. Trimmed all brown/damaged leaves from plants. 

  4. Started to create the database. 

  5. Need to order the poly tunnel before planting outside need to get all necessary items before hands. 

  6. Ordered fresh compost, lavender, peppermint, rocket, runner beans, red basil seeds and wellies. 

  7. Planted tomato, spinach, parsley and some tiny black seed that wasn’t labelled. We shall see.

  8. I feel so excited to get out of bed in the morning to tend to the garden. I can’t believe that green things are beginning to grow in my garden.

  9. Need more grow bags.


Need to order more coco coir, polytunnel and raised bed bags.

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